Do you travel for weddings?

Of course – I’m an explorer at heart! I’ve shot weddings in Spain and Bali and I’m happy to come to you, wherever in the world you might be. If your wedding is more than an hour and a quarter away from Nottingham, I’ll book accommodation for the night before and if I’m working really far away I’ll book it for the night after as well.

How soon can we see our wedding gallery?

It’s usually about 12 weeks, but it depends on my workflow. I’ll be able to give you a better idea when we chat in person and if I can have it ready earlier than expected, I will. I always think a little wait is no bad thing, you can have your honeymoon, relax into married life and have your beautiful photos to look forward to – along with the chance to relive your amazing day.


How long in advance do we need to book you?

It depends on the time of year. Summer is always a busy time, so if you’d like your wedding in the warmer months I’d recommend a year in advance, or as soon as you book your venue.

How long is an engagement shoot?

I usually recommend two hours, but if you’re short on time I can easily work with just an hour.

Why do you take only up to six group shots?

My strength lies in candid, documentary photography and group shots are, to be honest, not the most exciting. It usually takes a long time to gather everyone who’s meant to be in the shot too. Auntie Barb’s at the bar, Grandma’s nipped to the loo, you get the picture… eventually. I understand couples often want a few shots like this, but I find six is a happy number before it turns into a long waiting game.

Do you have any wedding tips for us?

Sure, plenty! Check my wedding planning blog for lots of useful info and ideas.

Can we print our pictures ourselves?

Yes! All the images I deliver to you are high resolution, so you can print them yourself or ask me to design an album for you

Are the images watermarked?

I don’t watermark the images you’ll see in your online gallery. I sometimes watermark images if you’re going to use them on social media or a blog, but you’ll always get a watermark-free copy.

Can we share our gallery with friends and family?

Of course! My wedding gallery is a cloud-based system so you can share the images with your friends across the globe. It expires after 6 months but that should be plenty of time for everyone to take a peek.

How many images will we receive in total?

It depends which package you book, but for full-day weddings it can vary between 450 and 700 images. Plenty to choose from!

How long is a portrait session at a wedding?

Not too long, I promise. I know you’ll be wanting to get back to your guests – and your bubbly – so I’ll usually just ask you to reserve an hour. It works well to do this just after the ceremony, while your guests are chatting over their first couple of glasses of fizz.

How do we book you?

Easy peasy. Just fill in the ‘Contact me’ form and I’ll be in touch asap.

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