Line up, line up…

Wedding photography’s not the stiff, stuffy business it used to be. Most couples I work with choose me because they connect with my spontaneous, documentary style of photography. They want me to capture the moment, not stage it, and I really believe that gets the most magical results. It’s why you won’t find lots of group shots in my gallery.

Weddings are a rare opportunity to catch up and let your hair down. You’re spending months putting together the perfect party – you don’t want to spend half of it away from your friends (and the canapés, music and bubbly!) posing in a million different group combinations. These are special moments and the last thing you want to do is miss out.

That said, as with all things wedding-related, there’s a balance to be struck. Some of your guests would love a great group shot. For your mum, your grandma and your in-laws they’ll be go-to conversation starters – wedding photos they’ll cherish, put on the mantelpiece and show to all their friends. They want to show you off, and it’s worth a few minutes to make them happy.

Cathy and Aleks Wedding at Tissington Hall in Derbyshire, April 2018

And they’re not the only ones – your cousin who’s flown in from the other side of the world, your uni friends reunited for once, your bridesmaids looking super hot – lots of people who love you might want to mark the occasion with a more set-up photo.

Even you! A fun, original shot of the whole party is a great way to capture the spirit of the day – and remember who shared it with you years down the line. I’ve always loved the black and white group shot of my parents’ 70s wedding – everyone in place, fresh faced, scrubbed up and looking really young. They were so stylish back then! Your kids might just think the same one day.

So, what to do? I recommend planning four to six group shots, and giving your groups plenty of thought before the big day arrives, so everything runs really smoothly.

Emma and Will's Wedding at Norwood Park, Southwell, Nottinghamshire. July 2018. Tropical styling and modern wedding dress.

I’m always happy to help you put a plan together and come up with creative ideas to make your shots more relaxed. That way you can strike the right balance – keeping your family happy and enjoying the party you’ve poured so much love into.

Magda xxx